Supersleep Sweet Little Yellowstone!


During the last couple of years I have argued that Yellowstone most likely is at the end of its life-cycle. There are many good reasons for me to believe that, let me first go through those before we move on to this week’s big news in Volcanology.

Continental drift

Yellowstone is currently moving into a Craton, a very old piece of crust that was among the first patches of solidified ground produced as earth cooled down. It is a very hard piece of rock to crack. The current position of Yellowstone is within an ancient crack on the rim to the Craton. The Yellowstone is cause by a hotspot/mantleplume injecting magma up that crack, this particular hotspot is not powerful enough to blast a hole through that craton. Very few mantleplumes have the capacity to blast holes through cratons.

As the North American Continent moves over the hotspot a conveyor belt of…

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