The Road to Sinabung


We often have a tendency to believe that an eruption will come quickly after seeing an intrusion take place. Of course this is normally not the case, something that Sinabung has proven quite well. As the local Indonesian authorities are starting to issue warnings that Sinabung might be getting closer to a major eruption I thought we should take time to look at what has gone on for the last few years, and what a “major eruption” might entail at Sinabung.


Mount Sinabung is situated about 40 kilometers from the Toba system, and even if it feeds from the same deep magmatic source it does not share the same magmatic reservoir as its grander neighbor. The location at the Sunda Arc tends to give sticky magma with a capacity to build up pressure in the system, that withstanding, most eruptions from the nearby volcanoes are not big. Previously Sinabung…

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